Create Meaningful, Impactful Engagement

Agile Health delivers a blend of evidence based clinical guidelines and proven behavioral science through an interactive and engaging text messaging experience designed to help members build healthy habits for life.

Reach people, more efficiently and effectively

Adults own a phone
Adults text weekly
Open rate

Text reaches people. Agile Health recognizes that the power of text messaging extends far beyond the tactical ‘ONE & DONE’ interactions so often used in healthcare. Text is highly trusted, personal, and uniquely suited for sustained one-on-one dialogue. To truly harness its power, interactive, relevant digital dialogues must be created to build lasting relationships that lead to long-term behavior change.

Create personal, relevant, behavior changing dialogues

We deliver highly personalized support – yet our approach is built to scale. Our secure messaging engine uses data-driven algorithms and personalization rules to automate much of the member experience, while queuing up digital coaches for live member support, when needed.

Move simply into digital

  • Guide and sustain engagement
  • Enhance staff and program performance
  • Increase staff and participant satisfaction

Our digital coaching center serves as home base for our coaching staff to monitor incoming text activity, engage in multiple text-based dialogues at once, and refer clinical escalations to your care team or healthcare practitioners, when appropriate.

Participants are digitally triaged and guided in the right direction; so your care teams can focus their expertise where it is needed and creates value.

Customize to meet your population health needs

Agile Health offers a suite of impactful behavior change programs designed for clients to flexibly customize, integrate and even create their own proprietary program solutions.

Buy It
Adapt It
Integrate It

We work with each client to develop the solution that effectively addresses their requirements and continually evolves in step with their strategic priorities.

  • Healthy Navigator
  • Weight loss
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Post discharge management
  • Diabetes self care
  • Heart health
  • Medication adherence

Integrate, securely and seamlessly

Clients drive the level and pace of integration and customization. Agile Health provides the expertise, systems and environment to make that happen, quickly and easily.

Our technology infrastructure houses program algorithms and content, provides 3rd party eligibility and authentication, directs communication traffic, routes automated and live conversations, integrates devices and stores dialogues, progress and results. All features are HIPAA compliant and API-enabled allowing clients to easily and securely integrate with their programs, portals, call centers and platforms.

  • 90 day
    Avg implementation
  • 100%
    Client retention
  • 100%